New COVID-19 Face Covering Requirements for Nevada System of Higher Education Institutions (NSHE)

A message from Chancellor Melody Rose

July 27, 2021

Due to Nevada’s low vaccination rate and a recent surge in the level of COVID-19 transmissions
related to the Delta variant, the Office of the Governor issued Emergency Directive No. 47 today,
which adopts new Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines that re-instate a
face covering mandate for all unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals in Nevada high-risk
counties while in indoor public spaces.

This new face covering mandate has the force of law and is applicable to Nevada’s most high-risk
counties as determined by the most recent CDC data, and includes counties where all NSHE
institutions and primary campuses are located.

Accordingly, and effective Friday, July 30, 2021, all unvaccinated and vaccinated NSHE students, employees, and members of the public will be required to wear a face covering while inside any building or structure on any NSHE campus or property. This new mandate may remain in effect until the vaccination rate increasesand the level of COVID-19 transmissions decreases in Nevada’s high-risk counties.

Students and employees in non-public locations, such as dorm rooms and private offices, are not
required to wear face covering under this new mandate. Moreover, students and employees may
continue to follow the guidance of their respective counties while in outdoor settings. Currently,
face coverings are not required in outdoor settings while on an NSHE campus or property.
However, please note this requirement may change at the county level for large group gatherings
or outdoor events.

This new face covering mandate shall not apply to NSHE athletic programs. Those programs may
continue to follow the best practices and guidance of their respective conferences. Additionally,
and based upon current county-level guidance, this new face covering mandate shall not apply to
fully vaccinated performers or musicians while actively performing on an NSHE stage.
Please continue encouraging any NSHE student or employee who has not received the COVID-19
vaccine to do so. Receiving the COVID-19 vaccination is the scientifically proven most effective
way to protect the health and safety of the NSHE community and end the pandemic.

*Exceptions are in Humboldt County and Lander County where Great Basin College maintains satellite campuses.

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