The end of the semester can feel overwhelming for students with assignments, research papers, and exams to complete. Your students may feel fatigued from the last 11 weeks of school work. Here are some tips to encourage them:

Make a Plan – create a list of the remaining assignments due for all of your classes by due date, and tackle them one-by-one. Think of the small steps you can take to complete each assignment.

Reward yourself – when a task is complete, take a break, watch a show, or get a hot chocolate. Small breaks help you refocus. If you are losing focus, might be time to say: “I’ve done enough today; I’ll start again tomorrow.”

Visit your professor – take this opportunity to attend the professor’s virtual office hours to talk about any questions you might have about the material or remaining assignments

Look forward – there are only about 4 weeks to go in the semester, and then you will have over a month off to recharge!

Consider the big picture – each day you are moving one step closer to the goal of graduation. The time will pass quickly, and we believe in you!  

A reminder that student services are available including workshops & tutoring from the Academic Success Center and Counseling & Psychological Services.

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