As of June 25, 2020

Students living on campus and commuting to campus have a variety of dining options in the Dining Commons, Student Union, & other areas around campus. Meal plans, Dining Dollars, Rebel Cash, and cash are accepted for payment.

Students living on campus select a meal plan through their Housing registration. Commuter students are also welcome to purchase a meal plan. More information on meal plans, dining hours, & menus can be found here:

Dining Services are brought to you by our partner, Aramark.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers about food service on campus.

What will hours of operation be for food options in the Fall?

Fall 2020 Dining Services Schedule
  • How many students will be permitted in the Dining Commons at one time? We will be following the Southern Nevada Health Department guidelines on the number of students permitted in our dining spaces.
  • Will students have the option to take all their meals To-Go?  Absolutely, as we will be offering both To-Go and Dine-In options.
  • Is there a Plexiglass barrier at each of the Student Union cash registers?  There will be a Plexiglass barrier at each dining register in the Student Union.
  • How will self-service bars in the Dining Commons look (i.e self-service salad, cereal, drinks, ice cream machine, etc)?  All prepared meals will be served by dining hall associates.  All self-service options will be in accordance with Southern Nevada Health Department Guidelines. 
  • What date will the Dining Commons open?   The Dining Commons will be open on August 17th to accommodate early arrivals.  Meal plans begin on August 19th
  • Will tables be wiped down more often in the Dining Commons and Student Union? Yes, we will clean and sanitize high-touch areas (frequently touched surfaces) regularly including door handles, sink handles, drinking fountains and condiment stands. 
  • What is the price of the reusable To-Go container?  The price is $7 for our reusable To-Go container.  Each time you return your reusable container after use to the Dining Commons, you will receive a clean container in return at no-additional charge.
  • Will there be food options available during Summer Session 3? We will have limited food options available with SOHO Sushi Burrito, Grouchy Johns Coffee and rotating food trucks. Note that food trucks accept cash/card, not on Dining Dollars or Rebel Cash.
  • Will the microwaves in the Student Union be available for use? Yes, the microwaves will be available & cleaned more frequently.
  • What is Provisions on Demand (the POD)? The POD is similar to a convenience store with snacks, drinks, & grocery items in stock. They also have healthy grab-and-go meals. There are two locations on campus: in the Student Union & adjacent to the Dining Commons, next to the residence halls. The location near the residence halls is open until 1:00 AM to accommodate student’s late-night needs.
  • If a student becomes ill, how will meals be delivered?  Delivery to a student’s room is available by having the student call the Dining Commons at 702-895-3160 and requesting a touch-free meal delivered directly to their room.

*Please note: We are carefully watching the situation in Southern Nevada, and will update this information if circumstances change.

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