Campus Update

April 3, 2020

Earlier this week, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued additional emergency directives related to the COVID-19 pandemic that is gripping Nevada and the country. The recent developments require further adjustments to our campus operations.

As per the Governor’s order, all employees on UNLV campuses who have the ability to work from home are required to do so, effectively immediately. Individuals who have the authority to be on campus are limited to those deemed essential to public health and safety, and other key areas defined below. Any other exceptions need approval of the President’s Office.  

Employees providing essential services with authorization to work on campus include: 

  • University Police Services;
  • Employees providing services to students who remain in on-campus housing;
  • Faculty and staff providing healthcare services to the university and community at large;
  • Faculty and staff who continue to educate and train students in the medical fields, including nursing, dental, medicine, public health, and integrated health services;
  • Employees providing custodial and facility services;
  • Researchers maintaining vital research endeavors; and
  • Employees providing critical information technology services that cannot be performed remotely.    

All non-healthcare related lab courses that cannot be performed through remote instruction must be suspended until further notice. 
UNLV must also close its computer lab in TBE at 5 p.m. on April 3.  

Additionally, faculty and staff should prepare for remote instruction to extend into the first session (May 18 – June 5) and second session (June 8 – July 10) of summer school. (Note: Summer Term is divided into 3 sessions)

Thank you for your patience and flexibility. Our top priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our faculty, staff, and students. I know how frustrating and challenging this is. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live, both professionally and personally. The resiliency you have displayed throughout this ordeal has been remarkable. You all make me proud to be part of the UNLV family.    


Marta Meana

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