COVID-19 Update

March 27, 2020 – Within the past 24 hours, UNLV has been informed that a third member of the campus community has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The employee was last on campus on March 10 to visit the Faculty and Staff Treatment (FAST) Center and has not returned to UNLV since. The employee was confirmed as positive for COVID-19 on March 24. The employee is recovering at home and is following protocols set by state health officials and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When an individual is confirmed to have COVID-19, the Southern Nevada Health District determines who they may have had close contact with and guidance is provided directly to those individuals.

The Southern Nevada Health District emphasizes that those most at risk from COVID-19 include people who have had daily repeated and prolonged exposure. The university is sending this notification out of an abundance of caution because the individual visited a public space on campus March 10. Public health officials maintain the risk is low for people who have had brief contact with an infected individual.

We ask the UNLV community to continue following protocols for preventionmaintain social distancingbe aware of symptoms of COVID-19, and seek medical care when it is needed.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation in Nevada and throughout the country, and we will continue to share information specific to UNLV through official channels, including The site includes links to health resources, university operations, current announcements, and other important information.

As remote instruction will continue through the end of the 2020 Spring Semester, and since the majority of employees and students are off-campus, UNLV will only communicate confirmed cases when other members of the university community may have been exposed. Unless there are unusual circumstances, such information will be posted solely at

From Adam Garcia

Associate Vice President & Director
University Police Services Southern Command 

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