UNLV Remote Instruction and Spring Commencement Ceremony

March 25, 2020

Halfway through our first week of remote instruction, I have two more updates for you.

In light of today’s announcement and the increase of cases of COVID-19 in Nevada, I am now making it official that we will remain on remote instruction for the remainder of the semester. It just makes sense. Even if the public health situation improved before the end of the semester, it would be a further disruption to change course yet again. We all need as much certainty as possible in this wildly uncertain situation. I hugely appreciate everyone’s effort and understanding under these unique circumstances. I know this is challenging for everyone and the way you are all stepping up is impressive and moving.
It is also with great disappointment that I announce to you that the 2020 Spring Commencement is being postponed until sometime later in the year. There is simply no scenario in which it would be safe to convene thousands of you at the Thomas & Mack as early as May. I know how disappointing this situation is for our graduating seniors and their families. It is also our favorite day of the year, as we celebrate everything our graduates have accomplished and the many, many sacrifices that have been made by our students and people close to them.
You will have your ceremony – I promise you. We just can’t say when yet. We’re looking at a period sometime late summer or in the fall. And it will be a huge celebration! 
Thank you again for your patience, understanding, and flexibility. Guarding your health and safety drives all of these decisions.


Marta Meana, Ph.D.

Note: Students who have fulfilled all the requirements will still graduate in Spring 2020. Commencement is the attendance-optional ceremony to celebrate students’ achievement with family and friends.

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  1. Do parents/students get any type of partial tuition credit? It would most definitely help struggling individuals during this strenuous time?

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    1. Thank you for writing in! Classes are continuing remotely. Students will earn their semester credits, if they complete their classes’ requirements. I will forward your feedback.


  2. What of the nursing students who have put in four years of hard work? Are you seeing to it that their clinical hours which have been cut off due to covid-19 will not effect their graduation? Many are graduating with debt as it is. Would you expect them to do a further semester and pay more through no fault of their own? Please, talk to you state governance boards on this issue, asap. Our country needs these nursing students in the work force right now, more than ever!

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    1. Thank you for writing in! I will share your feedback with the School of Nursing. If you would like to write to Dean Angela Amar directly, please send a note to: unlv.son@unlv.edu. I understand they have provided more detailed information directly to their nursing students.


  3. Ok I left a message to the university about fees my son paid here are the fees is there any reimbursements to the student and are there scholarships due to the closure not using the facilities
    Here are the fees I’m speaking of
    Acad success initiative fee 25.00
    CSUN fee 29.55
    Counseling & Psych service fee 102.00
    Rebel recycle fee 1.00
    Student health charge 82.50
    ( my son live off campus he is covered under my yearly plan)
    Which is already expensive)
    Student life facilities 223.00
    Not able to use due to closure
    Study abroad scholarship fund 2.00
    Technology fee 165.00
    Under grad fees 3495.00
    Undergrad student services fee 37.50
    Not able to use services
    A total of 4187.55
    Which scholarships Pays for these fees as well or the student entitled to re very received any reimbursement for fees not utilizing the campus
    Thanks 🙏


  4. My Daughter is scheduled for the Summer session two in Galway Ireland. With the International travel Ban from Europe, will this session be cancelled and if so, when will we be notified?

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  5. I’ve read that UNLV WILL have a REAL graduation for the Spring 2020 graduates sometime later in the year TBD, but will there be a virtual graduation on 05/16/2020 as well?


      1. I’ve read that UNLV WILL have a REAL graduation for the Spring 2020 graduates sometime later in the year TBD, but will there be a virtual graduation on 05/16/2020 as well?

        Thanks. I look forward to a response. – Proud Parent


  6. My daughter was not able to purchase her cap and gown due to COVID 19. The site Herff Jones will not allow her. Is there another option?


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