First Day of UNLV Remote Instruction: A Message from the President

Today marks the first time in history that UNLV will deliver all of its instruction remotely. This is a monumental task, and I want to thank everyone for their efforts to get this done.

There’s no way we can do this without a good number of bumps along the way! It’s going to require patience, flexibility, and tenacity. The transition will come more naturally and easily for some, while others will find it more difficult and struggle. We need to be understanding and support each other as we learn together.

The overall educational experience will be different, too. For faculty, students, and staff. But we need to stay true to our core mission and protect the academic integrity of the institution. We all need to honor our commitments and finish what we started this semester so that students can progress and graduate.

Although we cannot yet unequivocally say how long we’ll operate like this, assume that it will be for the remainder of the semester and plan accordingly. We plan to give you an update within the week, and also will communicate the status of commencement and a number of other possible adjustments.

I am glad we’re back in session, albeit under unusual circumstances. The campus will not be the same without the energy and buzz of students here. I am going to miss seeing them, but this is reality right now. The coronavirus pandemic is a serious threat to our public health. It has required non-essential businesses in Nevada to shutter their operations for thirty days, employees to work from home, and UNLV to change how it operates.  

We must take care of ourselves, and each other. We need to be kind and considerate to everyone around us. We need to listen to the advice of the health experts, and we need to be healthy and safe.

We may not see each other for the rest of the semester, but I’ll most certainly be in touch. We are bigger than this threat and I can’t wait to see you on the other side of this curve.


Dr. Marta Meana

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  1. I’m Concern for all students and facility staff I know fees was Charged to students campus fees use shop fees and other fees of using the campus offer will the those fees be applied to tuition without the use of the campus and or those fees was already applied do or how will those funds go back to students scholarships etc without physically being closed

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    1. Thank you for your question. If you’ll kindly send an email to: with more details, I can ask. The fees for each academic program vary. It would be helpful to know which particular fees you are thinking about, so I can direct the question to the right program.


      1. Thanks 🙏 the fees are fees that is associate with the UNLV fees that none staying on campus student is charged for I’ll get the fees of speaking of when I review his student fees to attend. UNLV


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