Parents and Family Members

Dear UNLV Parents and Family Members,

Thank you for your patience during this extraordinary time. We know there is concern and anxiety around the significant disruptions caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) – both on campus and across the world. I want to assure you that the health and well-being of our students remains at the forefront of decision making and planning.

I want to reiterate that UNLV has no presumptive nor confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campuses at this time, but we know that can always change. The situation continues to evolve rapidly across the country and in Nevada. We will continue to post updates at

As you may be aware, out of an abundance of caution, we are transitioning to remote instruction immediately following Spring Break (March 23). If students have questions about their individual classes, please encourage them to contact their professors for specific details. Professors will be working through spring break to shift coursework to remote modalities, so there may be a delay in responses. Our faculty are working on specifics for courses and programs that have in-person components that cannot transition to remote instruction, such as clinicals, performances, and other curricular requirements. Once the faculty have made adjustments and changes to those courses, the details will be shared with students.

Our on-campus housing is remaining open for students who choose to stay through the semester, and our services will continue, including dining, libraries, computer labs, recreation, and health care. Those students who move out of on-campus housing  will receive a refund on a pro-rated basis. Students who do not have computers can use a lab or can check out a laptop through UNLV Lied Library’s technology lending program.

Faculty and staff are here to help students overcome challenges they may face as we transition to remote instruction. Please encourage your student to take steps to maintain their academic progress, including adjusting their study schedule, creating or maintaining their goals for the semester, and setting up their remote workspace. They can visit our Learn Online page to view the readiness guide, take an online course tour, and more.

We know that family support is a critical component to a student’s academic success. I am grateful that more than 10,000 dedicated parents and family members are actively engaged in the UNLV Family Network. You are a vital partner in your student’s success, whether they are near or far from home.

Thank you again for sharing your questions, concerns and feedback, and for support of and dedication to your students. In this time of uncertainty, I know you may have more questions, and we will continue to answer them as thoroughly and quickly as we can. And please, take care of yourselves and stay healthy.

Warm regards,

Marta Meana, Ph.D.
UNLV President

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      1. Wondering whom to contact with questions re: moving out of dorms/ prorated refund, if this also applies to dining plan and rebelbucks, as well as any impact on financial aid.

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  1. Hi. I am concerned that the Unlv Outdoor Adventure center is still open and renting equipment. My daughter is an employee there while she goes to school at Unlv and is still required to be in contact with outsiders and clean equipment during this time. My daughter won’t quit because she has a strong work ethic but as a parent I feel that the outdoor adventure center should take the same precaution As Unlv and close down temporarily during this pandemic emergency .

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    1. From the Rec Center: “Thank you for sharing your concerns. As the University shifts to move classes online, all University auxiliary services are open and functioning with an abundance of precautionary measures. This includes all recommended steps advised by the CDC, proper cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, as well as frequent hand washing. Student employees that do not feel comfortable coming to work are encouraged to notify their supervisor.” I hope this helps!! If you want to email me directly, I can connect you with the staff via email:


  2. My daughter will be graduating in May. At this time can you inform us if this important milestone of accomplishment will be Celebrated. As we have to fly in as well as reserve a hotel. This is important for us and don’t want to reserve a flight and room and cancel and lose are funds.

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    1. Thank you for writing, many people who have to book flights are asking the same question. At last check, a decision had not yet been made about the ceremony in mid-May, and it’s still on the event schedule. However, the COVID-19 situation is very fluid & administrators are watching it closely with guidance from the Southern Nevada Health District. Would you kindly consider emailing me with your phone number: I’d like to give you a call on Monday. The parents & family perspective is very important.


  3. Why are UNLV professors currently encouraging their students to meetup in groups to work on projects? They should be advising them to meet “virtually” only to complete projects.

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      1. Don’t know the name of the particular class, but heard this is happening to students. Thanks again for forwarding this issue to upper administration.


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