We are excited to welcome more than 700 people for Family Day! Here are a few tips to help you and your family enjoy the day.

Weather – on average, it’s in the mid to low 80s in October. We will keep you posted on the weather forecast as we get closer to Family Day. We did put in an order for good weather, but I can’t make any promises!

Stuff from Home – residential students may ask families to bring clothes from home. The average monthly temperature drops 20-25 degrees from Move-in to mid-terms (November averages 70 degrees, which feels cold compared to 105 degrees!)

Touring around campus – your students may want to show you where their classes are or where they like to study. Even if you’ve been on the campus tour several times, this time your student is leading the way, and you get to see campus from their perspective. They are proud to show you how they are navigating campus, and how far they’ve come since starting the semester in August!

How much time to spend – your students want to spend time with you, but this event also coincides with mid-terms. Keep in mind that they might have homework or a shift at their job. Consider asking them what they would like to do and remind them that you can do some things on your own to give them time to take care of their needs. Try not to be discouraged if they are busier than you expected. Cheer them on as they navigate their responsibilities.

There’s a game – of course there is! We will have a fun, interactive scavenger hunt to play in family teams; stay-tuned for details!

Bring your smile – it’s going to be a busy day, full of emotions. Take lots of pictures and enjoy the time together. Please try to be extra patient and remember this a special day for many families. When posting pictures please add the hashtag: #UNLVFamily

Free time – Families have expressed to us that they like to have the afternoon free on Family Day to visit with their students. Sometimes, this means going to a local store to pick-up supplies or visiting a nearby attraction. You might also have little kiddos in attendance, who want to run around on the grassy academic mall on campus. You are welcome to bring a blanket to sit and enjoy the campus grounds!

Some students have shared with us that they enjoy going with their family to:

You also might learn of students on campus who don’t have family visiting, like your student’s roommate or friend from class. Consider inviting them to join your afternoon family adventure.

Saying goodbye – when it’s time to say goodbye, you all might have mixed feelings. Try to keep the departure short and sweet. For families of both commuter and residential students, send them a text after you leave to tell them you had a nice time and you are proud of them. They benefit from hearing regular, positive messages from you!

If you have any questions or ticket issues, please email Parents@unlv.edu. We won’t have access to our email on Family Day, but you can see us in person at the Brunch!

Thank you for supporting your student’s academic goals!

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