Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for all that you’ve done to get me to this point in my life. When I was younger, we read Dr. Suess books, watched Nickelodeon, played school, and went to the park. As I got older, you taught me how to play Uno (and you let me win sometimes), drove me all over town to activities, and tried to stop me from too much screen time.

We’ve had our ups and downs and been through a lot together, and I am so grateful for everything you have done. Your energy and care for me means so much, even if I don’t show it all the time.

Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me every day. I’m making new friends and trying to figure out how to be an adult. When I come home, I will look forward to my favorite meal to celebrate getting through my classes, and hearing your silly jokes that make me laugh and roll my eyes.

I’m nervous, excited, and scared for this new adventure. There is so much to learn and at times it can be overwhelming. Sometimes I’ll just need a hug and someone who can listen to my worries without judgement. I won’t always do things exactly how you would do them, but please give me the chance to try my way.

Thank you for showing me how to be caring person and for teaching me life’s lessons that were often difficult to swallow. Thank you for being my cheerleader and the voice of reason when I got too dramatic. I’m sending you a big hug; it’s going to be OK.

With much love,

Your “learning-to-be-a-grown-up” kiddo

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      1. I think He is in a best place for him to learn and grow.
        UNLV has a great program and resources and staffs are committed and supportive.


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