‘Twas the night before College and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The boxes were lined up by the door with care;

In hopes that they’d have enough warm weather clothes to wear.

My student was nestled, all snug in their bed;

But not me – I sat there awake, with visions of worry dancing in my head.

Eyes wet with tears, maybe you understand …

I thought back to Kindergarten, when they held my hand.

I remember driving lessons and shouting, “Drive slow!”

And those years in high school where they grow and grow and grow!

Suddenly, they are taller than me, and now I’m on the brink of setting them free.

Their choices ahead, I’m excited to see.  

Did I show them enough to get through the first week?

It feels like their experience will be wonderful and unique.  

They will be fine, I keep saying to myself;

Still I sneak in a box the stuffed bear off the shelf.

The next day is hectic and filled with emotion;

The school has nice people who help us move boxes of clothes and sunscreen lotion.

Still I can’t believe my baby is all grown and starting college;

I focus on how next few years will be filled with all sorts of great knowledge.

Lots of hugs and reassurance that they can do this!

As we walk away, I feel like there’s something we must have missed.

But I heard them say, as we walked out of sight,

Thank you, I’ll text you later – I will be alright!

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  1. Take care of our Lane! He’s so excited and just finished a 22 hour car ride to be there today! We love you LANE MASON!!

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