College Move-in Day

5 Tips for Families to Support a Successful College Move-in Day

Student staff assisting new families at Dayton Hall

This will be a hectic, but exciting day of transition for your student. As parents & family, it’s challenging to adjust your frame of mind to allow your student to take the lead. Here are 5 Tips to help your family!

1 – Keep a positive outlook – this is stressful day, yet it can be a lot of fun. Please consider taking a positive, patient outlook toward the task at hand. Let your student know you are proud of them, and they can do this! Yes, there are a lot of people who are all experiencing the same moment of transition, please be considerate to all families. We are excited to welcome all of you!

2 – Campus Life is convenient – you are assigned a move-in time in order stagger arrivals, so everyone doesn’t arrive at the same time! There will be professional movers on-site to help move items up to your student’s room!

3 – Drink water – it’s warm in Las Vegas in August. We will have water on-site, as well as refilling areas inside the residence halls. Drink more water than you normally would!

4- Let them set-up – It’s wonderful when parents allow their students to make decisions with their roommate about how to set-up. You want to do it all for them, because that would be faster. However, this will be their space, please consider letting them work together to make it their own.

5- Saying good-bye – that evening, there are meetings and fun events designed for your students to get to know each other. Please considering saying good-bye by 5:30 pm, so that your student can begin to make friends and adjust. You may want to take your student out to dinner, but allowing them to have dinner on campus with new friends is a great opportunity for them to forge their path forward. If you are staying in town for a few days, make plan to meet-up the next day. 

Students are encouraged to attend the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Block Party, after their residence hall complex meetings. The event will have food trucks and fun activities for students. 

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